Monday, 18 April 2011

Finnish Politics, From Another Angle ...

So Finns usually quite in the international scenery, have spoken - out loud -

So here are the results in 3 statements:

* 80% of people did not vote for National Coalition Party - hence a party that represents only 20% of the total share of voters - yet there is plan to raise extract from it a prime minister.

* 700% more MPs for True Finns - for the anecdote, each time I have talked to finns (true or not, how do you recognize a true finn - A Nokia mobile owner? oops I have a great iPhone) I talked to (88.2% true) finns around me they always find good thing in this party - maybe PS program is not clear, so whether they represent or not evil, we will see. This blog will alert you if it is the case ;-), and time to pack to the "bad" countries: to Greece "dream" Island, "Margarita" Spain, or "nice curve" Portugal - I hope it won't happen I have got used to -20 degrees for 6 month of the year (As Darwin theory predicted, I have evolved rapidly, my skin adapted and looks to have mutated to a bear type - cold proof- appearance showing a new layer of "true finns?"cells)

*Collapse of the Center Party - wondering if in the last election they did well due to the help of a corrupt behavior.

Result: Not sure if this will end up in a government ungovernable - something like the titanic hitting the Soini-Iceberg.