Friday, 30 November 2007

Finland suffers wave of strikes

"Finland is experiencing its worst outbreak of industrial unrest for a generation after relations between the right-leaning government coalition and powerful trade unions collapsed over wage negotiations."

"Finland’s political situation shifted to the right in elections last March, after the conservative National Coalition party, led by Jyrki Katainen, formed a coalition government with the Centre party of Matti Vanhanen, the prime minister."

"Guy Ahonen, a professor at Helsinki’s School of Economics and an expert on the labour market, attributed the outbreak of unrest to the new government’s alterations to the way wages are negotiated."

Todays strikes:

-Finnish dispensers' strike to expand : "Talks between the Finnish Pharmacists' Association and the Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP) over pay and conditions broke down on Friday."

-Aker metalworkers will stage a one-day strike in Turku: "Metalworkers at the Turku yard of Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards will begin a one-day strike next Monday morning.The labour dispute involves labour conditions applied to new workers.

-Finnish unions declare boycott on S-Bank: "Two Finnish unions on Wednesday declared a boycott on S-Bank, a branch of cooperative S-Group, saying it had refused to apply the finance sector's collective labour agreement."

-Alko Strike : "Most outlets of the Finnish state's alcohol retail monopoly Alko are to close on Saturday if an agreement is not reached in pay and conditions talks this week."

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