Thursday, 22 November 2007

Housing shortage?

"The population growth is 650 persons more than compared to the same period one year ago."
which represent about 19 320 net growth.

"Some 10,700 people have moved to Finland from abroad this year, which is 1,900 more people than in 2006, reports Statistics Finland."

"Births however declined throughout the country. By the end of October 49,550 babies were born, a figure which is 150 less than at the same time last year."

"Meanwhile, more persons died this year. Some 40,950 people passed away this year, which is 1,100 more than in 2006."

So the population growth is growing at a slow pace albeit still growing. We know as well that in the next 10 years there will be a massive number of people going to retirement. That doens't support very much the current housing boom going forward. Are we going to have a Japan type housing price deflation? if so is it just worth to buy an asset that will be bound to lose value over time (Germany is another good example).


Anonymous said...

I have found a lot of good material on this site - Thanks. The population 'pyramid' is wonderful.

I would like to ask you to check some of the data on this blog entry, particularly the "650 more". The English that you quote can be read in a at least two ways. You read it as 650 more people than last year. I think that it should read that what ever the number of increase was last year there were 650 more than that this year.

The English pages of Statistic Finland only have 2006 figures, but they give the total population growth in that year as 21 375 people: 'Natural growth' (births - deaths) at 10 775, and net migration at 10 344, [which leaves a further 276 extra people who were neither born nor immigrated, so we should put it down to correction of the statistics].

Anyway the way I read the figures we are talking of a population increase of nearer 22 000 not 650.


HousingFinland said...

you are right ;->, need to correct that... need to review the article too ;->. Thanks for noticing...