Thursday, 15 November 2007

Strike and Inflation

You know when things hit the roof when the state-owned alcohol retail monopoly goes on strike... At the same time more industrial actions were recently or are taken by the Nurses, Telecom sector, Dispensers, Pharmacist etc..

I will not argue against those industrial actions, when you know that :
-Food prices rise is just accelerating
-Housing price have risen over 100% in the past 10 years
-Energy prices is at record high
-Rents are going ridiculously high (remember house/land doesn't produce anything)
-Tax is everywhere : Income, VAT, Custom, Municipal tax, oil tax, etc...

Right some wealthy person lately on TV or newspaper recommended and highlighted that pay rise and strikes damage future competitiveness etc... Right, One would like to remind them that their income is 10 to 1000 time bigger than the middle class one. The gap is just growing bigger and bigger. So it's easier to have this "clever" stance when you are on the right side ...

Some Headlines:

"Talks between Finnish state-owned alcohol retail monopoly Alko and its workers broke down late on Wednesday over a dispute over pay and working hours."

"Qualified dispensers and head dispensers in the Finnish capital region walked out on Thursday afternoon in an effort to speed up talks over pay."

"A number of Tehy nurses had staged a walkout in the province of Uusimaa, including Helsinki, the day before. Thousands of members of Tehy are to start a mass resignation campaign later next week."

"Around 600 pharmacists and qualified chemists will stage a twelve hour strike in Helsinki on Thursday.Pharmacists are seeking, on average, a 500 euro pay increase over a period of two years..."

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