Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Finland World's 7th Most Expensive Country

World Bank rates Finland world's 7th most expensive country

"Finland is the seventh most expensive country in the world, according to a World Bank study quoted by Swedish business daily Dagens Industri on Wednesday."

"The rest of the Nordic countries together with Ireland and Switzerland edged ahead Finland in the study, which compared prices to those in the US."

"The top 20 includes five non-European countries, with Iceland rated as the most expensive country in the world."

Surprised? I guess not... High housing prices have completely eroded the sense of value of money... So what, bread rising from 1.20 Euro to 1.80 Euro...I don't see any see many have bank loans of hundreds of thousands of Euro so a 50% inflation on bread is peanut...


Anton said...

You are right, it's more the emerging market population that sees the pinch in food inflation.

China or India have lots of people living under less than 1 dollar a day.

"Under the new estimates, the number of Chinese living on less than $1 a day - a widely used benchmark for poverty - is nearly 300 million"

So for them food inflation is a social issue and can destabilize a society.

You right by saying that food is not the biggest part of spending; it is now being taken over by Housing, Car debt and credit.

Anonymous said...