Tuesday, 22 January 2008

"9/11" Stock Exchange Under Attack

This morning all stock exchanges have been under attack, targeted by profesional investors probably trained in Business Camp such as Harvard in the U.S. or Oxford U.K. .

Those places have been identified earlier for action commited in 1929 and 1987. They were monitored by the EIAIA agency and were risking sanctions such as unpluging their internet network...

Although after intelligence and media failure , private shareholders were victims of these attacks.
Emergency UN "Financial" council was called to assess the response and decide whether or not to intervene. U.K. and U.S. decide not to intervene and seem to harbour the perpetrators. Evidence has shown that they were financed by them and paid large bonuses to cover the expenses.

Germany and France are calling for actions: Protectionisn and a stop to free market and delocalization.

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