Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Clinton, New Hampshire : All Bet Are Open

How great the woman conditions has evolved in the past 50 years.
The odd of having a Woman president of the most powerful country is increasing...
Hilary Clinton seems to follow the step of her husband, former U.S President. Let's hope for her the best, she deserves it and she is very talented.

Finland has a Woman president but she is completely powerless as she is just representing the country and does not really make any decision. There was even a parliament discussion in order to reduce her mandate... That is the same way in the U.K. Where "Flash" Gordon has the power and the queen being a tourist attraction (although an expensive one)

Obama did well too, finishing second.

All that said, it looks like the U.S. will have a democrat president. The Republican are doing very badly thanks to Bush political and economical past actions. Gulliani is still trying to ride on the "Fear" strategy, that doesn't work...people have been so brain washed in the past 5 years that now they clearly understand the "cheat" game and are immune to lies the media and republican were/are throwing at them.

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