Friday, 18 January 2008

Wanted: Kiinteistömaailma Real Estate Agent

Myyntihinta 88 860,00€
Velaton myyntihinta 592 400,00€
Asuntotyyppi Kerrostalo
Asumismuoto omistus
Hoitovastike 311,85 €/kk
Vesimaksun peruste 14.00 EUR/kk
Tontin vuokra Omistaja: Kesk. vak. yhtiö Etera

So what we have here is a misleading advertisement (from Oikotie) as it doesn't show the full price that the buyer will have to pay.

Not only the building is located on a rented land but one can buy it by just taking a loan of 88 900 euro from the Bank. Obviously that's not the price of the flat as the full price tag is 592 400 Euro or 870 235 Dollars. Charges and payment to the construction is what cost the most and is not shown.

Either the future buyers are living in an another planet or there is strange activities behind the scene.

Financial ministers around Europe are asking for more regulation and transparency. This is an example of advertisement that is deceiving any principles and needs to be strongly reviewed.

If people are buying at those prices then we will have the same type of spikes that we had in the 1990's in term of pricing. The issue is with neighborhood pricing, they will follow this irrational pricing.

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