Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Who Is Gambling?

"The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health wants a total ban on minors' gambling."

"A working group at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is proposing that teens under 18 years of age would be prohibited from playing slot machines, lotto and toto."

"The proposed amendment to the Lotteries Act is backed by efforts to prevent the harmful effects of gambling. At the moment, 15 year-olds can play slot machines and buy coupon games over the counter."

Either they are not well informed or they do it in purpose... Have you ever been to a place where those Ray Slots Machine are and have you seen the type of addicted customer behind them? Yes you have , and most of the time these are used by pensioners and by low income (in poorer area, you can find those slot machine almost everywhere).

So again they make the effort but miss the point or decide that the revenue generated by gambling outweigh the protection some need.

Another point to highlight , the EU had criticized Finland for having a closed Gambling Market as it is a state monopoly (same as ALKO) ...

On the other hand by targeting younger, it might reduce gambling addiction later in life...that has to be seen and demonstrated...

Source: YLE

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