Thursday, 13 March 2008

Investigating High Cost of Living in Finland

"The Finnish Competition Authority has undertaken an investigation into the high cost of living in Finland. Media conglomerate Alma Media says the study focuses particularly on housing in the capital city region."

"The Authority is looking into the lack of competitive pricing when it comes to construction, materials, and use of land. However, Juhani Jokinen, the director of the Competition Authority, says that so far there is no evidence of any kind of cartel in place."

You really wonder why it took so long before the Finnish Competition Authority started to act.

Everybody knows that competition is completely distorted in all area from the food retailer (S and K market and municipalities slowing Lidl and others to develop) to the construction company, real estate agent and rental company that are clearly agreeing prices thus falling into cartel type sheme.

You know that this investigation will bring nothing and will not dismantle a powerfull system that benefit a few on the top so it's just a smoke screen that makes people (poor or middle classes) feel happy that someone is doing something about their plummeting purchasing power...

At least they start to recognize that there is a problem...let's see what will be the cure...

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