Friday, 28 March 2008

Joke of 2008 :"Smile"

Sorry but couldn't resist about talking of the Kanerva "Water Gate"...nothing to do with housing but maybe more with househol(ds) ...

"Foreign Minister Ilkka Kanerva announced on Friday that he does not intend to resign and he rejected rumours of a reshuffle of Conservative cabinet ministers."

"Earlier in the day he declined to comment on the latest development in a scandal involving hundreds of cell phone text messages he sent to an exotic dancer."

"On Thursday, the Helsinki District Court rejected a motion by Johanna Tukiainen to stop the planned publication of a series of mobile telephone text messages that she received from Kanerva."

I don't get it..Kanerva sent some sms to Johanna (Let's call her Joe), Joe gave those messages to the "paper" "hymy" that made a decision to publish it. But then Joe decide that she won't (maybe after an another sms from Kanerva?)...So why on earth the Helsinki District Court rejected that, after all Joe is the sole owner of the smssss (200 of them)???

Right, I'm not a particular fan of Kanerva, but I don't like when one man is dragged that way, "humiliation", this is what the Helsinki District court decide to stamp and honour...that's non sense.

You will say as well what would have been the reaction if the court would have blocked the decision to publish those sms: Would it emerge as some corruption tentative, politicians pressure on law maker?? now you wonder if the decision was about the sms or about the fact it was a showcase of indepedance of the justice?

At the end, this should not be allowed to my opinion. There is a freedom of press but I think the limit are being tested here...


Anonymous said...

Why Finns are so intrigued by some silly SMS messages between two people is beyond me. Really, what is the big deal and who gives a sh*t??

Anonymous said...

Here are the same group of incompetent in action : "Helsinki District Court acquitted two police officers on all charges in connection with violence during a riot linked with the rioting in Helsinki during the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Helsinki in September 2006"

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