Thursday, 24 April 2008

Government : Pretty Bad Privacy

...Stupid like a fox...

"The government on Thursday approved a proposal to change Finland's Data Protection Act to help companies prevent leakage of corporate secrets."

"If the amendment is passed by Parliament, at the beginning of next year companies will under certain circumstances be able to look at the addresses to which employee e-mails have been sent, for example."

So If people are stupid indeed they will be using the company email service to send corporate secret...

Are the people behind this law stupid ( a fox)?

Second point, are they, as well, going to monitor emails send through google Gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail etc...? are they going to ban employees access to those email providers from internet access?

if they really want to protect corporate secret then they will need to :

1-forbid any internet access

2-remove any cd/disk drive

3-remove any USB port

4-disable printers

5-disallow the use of mobile phone or digital camera

6-body check each person when they finnish their work

7-check people social connections, monitor phone calls
8- Make sure that the email storage are located in the company own network

Then maybe corporate secret won't go to the "evil" competitor.

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Anton said...

"The proposal, dubbed the "spying bill" by opponents, would give companies the possibility to view the recipients of their employees' e-mails if they had a suspicion that corporate secrets were being leaked. However, the law would stop short of giving employers access to the actual content of e-mails."

"Several MPs from the National Coalition and the Greens, both government parties, also voiced their concerns about the bill and many speeches made reference to George Orwell's 'Big Brother'."