Tuesday, 13 May 2008

JPMorgan Recession Warnings

"JPMorgan Chase Chairman and Chief Executive Jamie Dimon Monday told bank investors that while the current credit market crunch may soon be over, the U.S. economy could still face a deep and extended recession.

The slump in mortgage and corporate loan markets could bottom out this year, said Dimon, whose bank largely side-stepped the losses and mark-downs that have hobbled rivals during the past year.

Yet the economy may face a longer-term challenge even as financial markets begin to function again, the "slower burn" of a recession that may rival the severity of the 1982 contraction, he said.

These challenging conditions, marked by tighter bank credit, new rounds of mark-downs, further capital infusions and asset sales by banks, could last through next year and into 2010, he said

The credit crunch that started last summer has slowly creeped into the real economy in the US beginning of this Year. In Europe, the impact has only been moderate up to now...

If we have a prolonged recession, similar to the one in the 80's then 2009-2010 could be pretty difficult for the economy, housing market and job market.

But if there is such a slowdown, let's hope that it will bring inflation down, at least something positif...

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