Monday, 5 May 2008

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

"Food Crisis Hits Finland's Poorest. Here in Finland, the "silent tsunami" as it's being called, is beginning to make itself felt among society's vulnerable groups.

Heikki Hursti of the Laupeudentyö Foundation says "Over the last month the lines have grown so that I've calculated that there are anywhere up to 1300 people coming for food."

In spite of the evidence at ground level, officials say they are not yet seeing changes in hard statistical data.

But Ulla Pesola, who is in charge of managing the distribution of food aid from the EU through the Lutheran Church Resources Agency, says her numbers confirm what is happening in the bread lines."

Sometimes you really wonder how do they gather their statistical data. More worrying, in gathering those data, lot of participants can distort the data for they own benefit, you can call that corruption or manipulation.

I think they should put in place another agency that scrutinizes, independently, any data submitted for anything that participate into shaping our economical and political policies.

Another example of big failure , was the credit agencies, that were clearly manipulating data, to make appear a risky asset as safe ones. It's not magic but it is some kind of corruptive behaviour that the sole aim is to profit. They somehow put the base of this credit crisis.

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Anton said...

``Food prices are an issue everywhere for two reasons,'' ECB council member Erkki Liikanen told reporters at a central bankers' meeting today in Basel, Switzerland. ``The first reason is that they have an impact on inflation. The second reason is that they impact on the situation of many poor people around the world.''

Is Finland a poor country? as it is affecting it...