Friday, 30 May 2008

PM Vanhanen: My Opinion Cannot Be Bought...

...But your action can. Maybe Journalism will be fit you better than politics!

ok..let's cool down few seconds and see what others are asking:

"Finland's Christian Democrat parliamentary faction on Friday demanded a repeat general election in the interest of wiping the slate clean after the 2007 general election campaign funding controversy."

hummm, a rerun...well i'm asking more. I want the government to resign in mass especially the housing minister that seem to be the ring leader with regard to land tax reform.

Now, wasgonna (tm) happen? noting (tm)

(tm): TradeMark, registered expression to housingFinland

Well, I think it's very serious what is currently hapenning to the Finnish political sphere. Let's put it shortly : a crisis of confidence.

The problem, in all of that, is that previous reforms and passed law might have been decided not in favour of the Finnish people but instead based on the business lobbying.

For example, they are clearly dragging their feet with regard to housing and land reforms. The impact is a mushrooming of Commercial building popping up almost everywhere even near prime location. Another point, nothing has been done to stopp the municipalities to act as speculators, greatly influencing land price thus distorting the true cost of housing.

Mr Minister, your opinion cannot be bought, as you might know, people do not care about opinion but do care about law that are passed by the parliament and that has a big impact on the hard working people that represent THE VAST MAJORITY. GOT IT? If not then you should resign...


Anonymous said...

As the trade and industry minister of the previous government before last year's general election, Mr Pekkarinen had approved some 800,000 euros of investment support to Suomi-Soffa's Kajaani factory.

Mr Pekkarinen said in a news conference on Wednesday that he would not have accepted Suomi-Soffa's contribution if he had remembered signing the subsidy decision three months earlier.

Mr Pekkarinen added that he had explained the matter to the chancellor of justice. The minister told reporters that he would have resigned if the chancellor had had objections to his handling of the matter

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