Friday, 16 May 2008

Politicians, Construction , Briberies and Investors

"Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen could have indirectly received election campaign funds from businessman Toivo Sukari, a financier of the proposed Vihti business park. The PM has recently given his support to the controversial project.

The Prime Minister has recently expressed his support for the Vihti Business Park Scheme despite opposition to the proposal from some cabinet colleagues including Minister for Housing Jan Vapaavuori.

"Other recipients of cash from the same Association include National Coalition MP Sauli Niinistö and Minister for Trade and Development Paavo Väyrynen."

The Association plans to build a business park in Vihti similar to that constructed two years ago in Lempäälä, near Tampere. It would include a huge rural shopping mall as well as business premises. Objectors say such business parks are environmentally unsustainable and endanger local established retailers.

Today, it's clear that it's not only the playing game of Spanish politicians. Easy money attract 'flies'. It's amazing for a country that has been perceived as being the less corrupt in the world act that way.

The question as well will be who has profited indirectly for such project. Indeed investors who had known that such project will be backed by a high official and will get the green light would have invested in Housing, retail and bought shares in some contruction company.

To my opinion, I will not call the resignation of "Matti Vanhanen" for this corrupt behaviour but I would urge the NBI (National Bureau Of Investigation) to check who were involved in the scam.

As usual, the poor will be hit by such a project as local property price will shoot up and local retailer will go bankrupt. Shamefull for a country that is supposed to lead in the wellfare of the people.
As usual, at the end of the construction cycle or any economical cycle, bribery and corruption beast show their uggly head...

UPDATE: Here is the list of all Member of Parliament that have been corrupted by the "Kehittyvien Maakuntien Suomi" (KMS), an association funded by businessmen

Marja Tiura, the deputy chair of the National Coalition party faction, told the justice ministry she had received 20,000 euros from KMS.

For their part, Jyri Häkämies (cons), the defence minister; Jyrki Katainen, the finance minister and National Coalition party leader; Ilkka Kanerva (cons), the foreign minister; Pekka Ravi, the chairman of the National Coalition party faction; Petri Salo (cons) and Anu Vehviläinen (centre), the transport minister, suddenly recalled that each of their campaigns had benefited from 10,000 euros of KMS funds.

Henna Virkkunen (cons) and Sampsa Kataja (cons) said they had received 5,000 euros each from KMS.

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Anonymous said...

"Ms Taipale accused Mr Sukari of flouting the law.

"It is a mockery of democracy to say that one can simply make this a special case. In Finland, one cannot tolerate a Mr X sorting out his business at the ministry just because he has mates there," Ms Taipale said in an allusion to donations made by Kehittyvien maakuntien Suomi (KMS), an association partly funded by Mr Sukari, to the 2007 general election campaigns of a number of politicians."

Anonymous said...

I think it was too good to be true to think that Finnish politicians had never been involved in corruption.

Corruption is a human weakness, it happen at different degree in all country.

Africa has been a front runner, Finland was the only one standing showing that a government without corruption could's utopia and vanished overnight...