Friday, 18 July 2008

A Reliable Economic Indicator? : Summer Baby Boom

"The trend is seen to reflect an increasing popularity in family planning. Many couples want to time the birth of their children so that the mother's maternity leave coincides with the father's summer holiday."

If they were planning their finance the same way as they "Design" their baby, maybe we would never have had a housing and credit bubble. Maybe more mothers should work in the government finance section. Too bad that we have Jan Vapaavuori, alas we would have had a better vision for housing planning...

"The trend is also seen to reflect the ongoing economic slowdown. Families, which focus on amassing money when times are good, often start having children when the economy takes a dip."

Amassing money? that's not what the debt level is showing... and usually when a family is being created, a house purchase follow fact data show that when the economy takes a dip then the divorce number soar due financial pressure as seen in let's see if the same phenomenon appears in 2009, that is, when the economy will really take a dip, a real one...

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