Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Money Can Still Buy Finnish Politicians

"With municipal elections coming in October, doctoral research at the University of Turku shows that potential for campaign finance violations is high, as there are large loopholes and next to no oversight of funding. "

"Researcher Tomi Venho says that theoretically, the law governing local elections is fine, there just isn't anything to keep candidates from failing to follow it. According to his doctoral research, local election officials simply collect a finance statement from each candidate but no follow-ups are made. "

"We don't know who's funding the municipal elections," he says. "It could well be banks, construction companies, retail co-operatives, or unions. But we just don't know."

disgusting... Corruption will be with us since Finns "feel" that the economy is doing well and they pocket are filled for the moment, the rest (corruption, welfare cut etc...) who cares? indeed they are right in the short term although the damage could be dramatic in the longer term and could distort and weaken the economical balance of the country...

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