Monday, 29 September 2008 or "How To Market The Downturn"

It's interesting to see that, the portal for selling real estate, has introduces a new icon that indicate that price has been lowered. It is showing, in some cases, the old price and the new lowered price.

That clearly indicate a change in psychology.

Having said that, I would like to highlight the fact that this strategy is the same followed by supermarkets... Prices are inflated for a period of time and then lowered during the sales period giving the impression that there are bargains to be made.

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Andrew said...

with the consumer confidance and industry confidance figures plummetting and rates still going up? it is not surprising that psychology is changing. You can imagine that people who are highly levered and pretty scared at the moment? Also a few houses for sale in good condition with no furniture which indicates a certain hurry to sell and maybe a temporary phase of the market as people realise that prices are not going up and they must sell before they buy.

I am assuming that the price change figure being advertised can be chosen by the seller? It will be interesting to see if these price change notification are for all changes.