Thursday, 2 October 2008

The reason why the Bill didn't pass the first Round

"The U.S. Senate approved tax cuts valued at more than $100 billion, including a host of alternative energy credits and dozens of breaks for businesses and individuals, as part of its $700 billion bank rescue bill."

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Anonymous said...

State aid? isn't that illegal...


Andrew said...

It is said that FDR implemented all 10 points of the Communist manifesto with the new deal and events leading up to WW2. Some people have said he was a crypto communist and curiously after WW2 there was all the Macarthy hunting down of all things communist.

I also find it funny that now i am living next to Russia i am seeing themselves as neighbours and people to be interested in rather than people to be feared. And also curious how Sweden now seems like the enemy that i am now in bed with while banking with Nordea:-( For sure they were once the good guys in my view.

Funny how my view changes depending on where i am standing in such a dramatic manner. From one point of view i create my own internal reality that has little to do with the real world. What is state aid? what is illegal? it really depends.