Friday, 28 November 2008

bad or bad bad? A Private Discussion...

"Euro zone economic growth could at best start to recover some time next year, but it could also take a lot longer, Erkki Liikanen, a member of the European Central Bank's Governing Council, said on Thursday.

'If things go well (euro zone) growth could start to recover some time next year,' Liikanen told a business seminar in Helsinki.

'If things go badly a return to normal could take a lot longer. The good employment development of recent years will end, and unemployment will turn to a rise. Traditionally the marks left behind by recession in Europe have been long-lasting,' he said.

The 15-nation euro zone was officially declared in recession this month following a second successive quarterly contraction in economic output in the third quarter

-So Eki, my friend; if things go well, it will be bad but if things go badly things will be bad bad or bad bad bad?

-You always made me laught with your prediction.

-oh oh , you look angry or stressed? is that me? I'm just being sarcastic, you know...take it easy.

-hey, what do you have in your hand? isn't that "Prozac"'s not for you? humm, so for whom? the economy?...come on...Don't you believe that you can cure the economy with interest rate policies?, really?...humm Eki, my friend..let's have a beer, things look better after...after all the world is still turning..what Eki? you think it will stop...ahaha you got me , I almost believed you! how much have you been drinking ;->


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