Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama - Biden : "Changing The World"

Obama is the new president of the United States Of America!

He could not have come at a better time to rescue a dying economy, driven by debt and fear by Republicans. The Democrat will have plenty of challenges, but change was needed and Americans got it! They can be proud of their decision.

He is the first African-American president that could as well give the direction on the next continent that will see phenomenal growth: the African continent.

The credit binge will come to an end, the deficit will go down (import will slow dramatically while export could rebound on the longer term). The Gap between the Rich and the power will shrink as fast as the deficit (finish the time of Republican tax break or cut as well as the lack of investment in infrastructure).

Coming to Finland, the same will happen in 2011, The Right-Centre (KoKoomus), pro tax cut (i.e refilling the Rich pockets amid deteriorating social wealth net) will lose power to the SDP amid falling house price and anemic economical growth. Obviously, they will have to come with a new leader, charismatic and smart.Finally, it's not only the economy or housing that knows cycles but so do the political landscape.

Again, Obama : Congratulation!

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Andrew said...

Just in case people are getting tired of optimistic rosey new dawn scenarios here is some more doom and gloom possibilities: