Monday, 12 January 2009

"Katainen Warns"

(Doctor checking if everything is still functionning ...)

"Katainen sees no good signs in economic trends yet. If the situation is extended over a few years, growth in state debt could prove to be very steep.

"We have budgeted for an increase in indebtedness of two billion this year. it is nothing compared to what we could well face later", Katainen warns.

However, he also points out that the state needs to be very careful in assessing how much debt to take on, and now to use it."

Welcome to the reality Mr President! oops Mr Kookomus finance "Cinderella" minister.

At least, one has started to reveal to the citizen the extend of what we could possibly face if the situation continues at this current pace...

He also warned that benefits that some fatty executive are enjoying ,through stock options and other forms, amid company profit deterioration, should clearly cease.

“I hope that corporate managers would sense the need for a spirit of cohesion. Some people might lose their jobs, while others get an extra bonus for past years, for instance”, Katainen says

Can they stop buying SUVs, Yatch, going to Opera (one is being build by this government in the level of millions of Euro or more) while the unemployment goes toward the double digits level?

Here I'm thinking about bankers and affiliate- that have deceive the responsabilities given to them, as well as state owned company executive that are seeing bonuses while assuming a non risky position (state safe), here I will think about Fortum, Neste and co...

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