Friday, 8 May 2009

"Middle Age" Wage Agreement

Here is what I am reading this morning while taking my coffee and croissant...People say that caffeine make you nervous...I would contradict that but instead say that what made me nervous this morning is the piece of news concerning some bureaucrats... While finishing reading this piece of news, I didn't even noticed that I ate (or shew) my croissant.

humm, next time no news while enjoying my breakfast (the only good moment? before heading to the factory work) .

So here is the news:

Collective agreement talks between the Finnish
Federation of Technology Industries and the Metalworkers' Union and the Union of
Salaried Employees stalled over a pay row late on Thursday.

Although the
negotiations are to resume in August or September, the breakdown of the spring
talks is a blow to the centre-right government, which had hoped the key export
sector to encourage recession-quelling pay deals elsewhere on the labour market.

Riku Aalto (soc dem) of the Metalworkers' Union said the money row
proved comparatively small at the end of the day.

"We already saw eye to
eye to some extent, but unfortunately the employer side apparently lacked
sufficient negotiation authority," Mr Aalto added.

First who are those people and the power that has given to them for deciding what would be my salary level and its related increase (do they know my performance, my career, and learning investment I made, the risk I have taken this year and one I will take in the next 3 years?)

Second Are we all the same? Are those bureaucrats thinking that they are dealing with cattles uniform, similar type of employee? Should all get the same type of raise?? those slowly give the opportunity to white colars to move companies to cheap labor country with the argument that salaries are too high?

Third Let's the market decide what is the pay rise of some employee, the best and motivated will be rewarded and the one browsing the net and blogging all day won't see the same type of pay rise...

Forth Is Finland still a socialist country?, sometime you wonder...

Fith Union in Finland have been highly incompetent to solve real issue, have shown no leadership and manage to weaken the power of employee since 1992... so a message for Unions and government: "get you hand out of my salary bargaining, you can't fool me with your political, union-doggy attitude maneuvering".

humm..maybe I should drink less coffee, switch to tea?


Anonymous said...

I do distance work, living about 450 km from my employer.

Some years ago there was a work inspection and it was only with great difficulty that my boss was able to get 'offical' permission that my job did not require me to sign on/off, in person, every day. The work inspectors were arguing that I was too junior a staff to be allowed to work without clocking in, although the firm I work for was satisfied with my work (and I have been doing distance work for them since 1994).

While realising the need to general protection for workers, I agree with you that the Unions do not allow enough flexibility for small companies.

"Island Crow"

HousingFinland said...

Hi "Island Crow"

It was a long time I have not seen you hanging in this any case it is always nice to read you.

Regarding flexibility...I'm not sure what "Unions" means in Finland expect an organ of communication with Government and workers "team lead"...maybe with the event of the Web, they should virtualize the unions - the result will be the same and least transparency will increase...

Regarding the wage bargaining they should phase them out, totally especially in about 2 or 3 years ...

At the end, to come up with negotiation around a 0.7% just as good as no negotiation at all...I think workers should take their destiny in their own hand: some will deserve no increase, some will deserver big increases..some in the other hand should have never had past increases so maybe they should get a decrease ;-Z...

Nice week

Anonymous said...

I regularly visit this site, but there is not a lot that I feel I can meaningfully mostly I just read. I am particularly interested in the housing part, although the wider economic focus is of course important as well. Thanks for your work

"Island Crow"