Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Alko Taxi - Alkotaxi !!

For the past few weeks an Alko taxi, a van painted in a garish yellow, has been delivering Estonian alcoholic beverages to thirsty dwellers in the capital city region.

Customers place and pay for their orders online. To date some 50 orders—mostly in Helsinki—have been placed with this unconventional drink-dispensing service.

Vasili Visnapuu, who’s in charge of the cab's deliveries, says the business is legit as the alcoholic beverages are delivered for free and because the transaction occurs on the internet.

It would be illegal to import alcohol for sale in Finland. The purchase is actually made in Estonia, we simply don’t charge for delivery,” says Visnapuu

The state versus Visnapuu... Would the state lose its market share from new type of seems so!

Good luck for him as he is bringing a touch of competition into this closed - cartel oriented - market.

We keep on talking about Finland being an open economy - so please let's make it happen.

PS: ALKO is a monopoly set by the state to control the sale of alcohol and most importantly to receive all the profit derived from heavy drinking,binge, sophisticated and social drinking.

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