Thursday, 18 June 2009

Politics, Real estate and Corruption

Millions in municipal pension funds invested in Nova Group projects.

"About EUR 20 million in pension savings for municipal employees was invested in a project of real estate development company Nova Group.

The approval of the investment was put forward by Markku Kauppinen (Centre), CEO of the Local Government Pensions Institution (KEVA).

Kauppinen’s links with Nova Group were put in a new light when it came out that he was also present at a discussion held at the Prime Minister's residence on raising funds for the Centre Party’s 2007 Parliamentary election campaign.
", HS
No comment except that it is a disgrace to use Tax Payer money for political ambitions or to bring wealth to a small group of people.

Anyway have a nice - honest - Mid summer !


HousingFinland said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I think the view of Leap2020 and their report are too extreme to my point of view...So I don't really follow or advertise their theory.

Some time tax payers money can be used to protect the tax payers...but in the case of the Nova group and the pension fund it is clear that it falls under the domain of corruption and not in the tax payer interest.

Now they should prosecute this group of people involved in those scandals and first have the prime minister to resign ASAP to provide credibility in this system.

Anonymous said...

For those with shame-deficiency (i.e., the successful), tax payers' money is always a well-prepared free lunch. It is so attractive. Why don't they steal it if the tax payers are more or less brainless?

By the way, there is a good article from Leap2020:

GEAB N° 36 is available! Global systemic crisis in summer 2009: The cumulative impact of three « rogue waves »


HousingFinland said...

oops I deleted the first comment made by anonymous...I have put it back but the order should be reversed ...