Friday, 3 July 2009

Tax Payers On The Front Line

"The unemployment contribution, which is automatically withheld from pay, is expected to rise to 0.9 percent from the current level of 0.2 percent. Employers’ fees are also expected to rise, according to Finland’s Unemployment Insurance Fund."

"The hike translates into the average taxpayer shelling out hundreds of more euros every mont

Is that "lemon" socialism...trying to squeeze out any good spirit left out of the average tax it will be an endanger species pretty soon, on the same level as once a great animal: the dodo...


Coocumber said...

This is generally good value entertainment and the guy talks straight:

UK slant of course.

ajv said...

Average taxpayer making tens of thousands a month, so a hike of 0.7% translates to hundreds of euros?

HousingFinland said...

Well avj...depends how yu read it..

but for me a hike from 0.2% to 0.9% is about 350% hike...

Anonymous said...

To put it in its historic perspective (at least as far as my records go).

2004 0,50%
2005 0,50%
2006 0,50%
2007 0,56%
2008 0,34%
2009 0,20%

I gather that the cuts were to try and stimulate while a rise to 0,9% from 0,2% is huge, it is coming from a very low point.

I thought at the beginning of this year that it was not a good time to cut funding for unemployment to a historic low just at a time when it seemed clear that the unemploymet rate should start to rise.

"Island Crow"

HousingFinland said...

Thanks Island Crow,

I suppose when they cut it, it is similar as a more money to consumers or at least to the one still having job.

...But as the situation has deteriorated faster and government money shrank, they had to reverse their liberal way of handling their micro-economical adjustments.

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