Saturday, 21 November 2009

Large Scale Disinformation?

Statistics Fniland has released the unemployment figure.I could hardly find any references to furlough or people being put temporarly out of work (since there are not job seekers, again they seem to manipulate the data by putting "Unemployed job seekers"). If there are not included in the figures and the figures itself have no values and again a disapointment from what should be a transparent and honest organization.

On the other side of Disinformation, the most unfamous media scare of the moment:

"A mutation of the H1N1 swine flu virus reported in Norway was also discovered in Finland some months ago. The National Institute for Health and Welfare(THL) says the mutated virus was found in a patient in April, 2009."

The virus mutated already in April but nothing was put in the media as it could jeopardize the idea of the efficiency of the vaccin. Of course most probably the vaccin were already produced and bought...

It is a very lucrative business especially during recession time...these are worrying times...

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Anonymous said...

I remember someone once said, "There are two kinds of lies in the world, lie and statistical report."

When everything is for the money and by the money, what else can you expect?