Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The "Finnish" Distorted Food Market

"Gross earnings by farms have fallen sharply this year compared to 2008 addition, revenues from grain sales fell by 110 million euros. A large harvest flooded the market, driving down prices for grains."

I understand that grain and in general any food related price went sharply down in the past year.

On top of that Oil price plummeted and is about half of the peak it reach in 2008. Moreover, transportation cost (for food stuff imports) have severely decline.

In addition, Uemployment has risen which mean the purchasing power as a whole as gone down on the consumer side.

So how on earth food price have not budge in Finland? Why is there not any competition coming from the two biggest supermarket? and what is the competition authority doing?

Disclaimer : whatever is said above does not reflect the opinion of the writer or any one who makes comments on it. This was most probably written by some unknown force, that remind us not to underestimate the power of internet and the lack of knowledge on how the information is controlled, created and disseminated.

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Andrew said...

Finland is a curious place. If you want to buy expensive house stuff you can rush to for example the K or the S mega stores and find a vast range of stuff without finding anything you actually want and then go off to a smaller specialist place somewhere off the beaten track and pay the same or even higher prices:-(

Meanwhile here is my latest inventory data for helsinki region own home houses with all of Finland inventory from

Date d>Y Helsinki Espoo Tuusula Finland
20090711 0 133 138 59 25145
20090721 10 131 130 60 24600
20090727 17 136 127 60 24382
20091006 57 126 134 37 21602
20091017 66 124 130 42 21487
20091029 78 119 119 41 20963
20091103 83 113 116 40 20870
20091204 114 97 87 38 20017
20091209 119 96 93 35 19963

The day figure just makes it easier for me to draw a graph via date.