Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Greece About To Default

1 year government bond shot up to 140% !!, Finland has better hurry to get its collateral in place otherwise it's gonna be collateral damage.

Will Greece default this week end in the next few weeks?


Erkki_D said...

The entire "Greek issue" is a reframing of BS bank protection. The EU will do their best to support them until the primary worry, Europe's Banks, really starts to show their cracks. Once that happens, I'll bet that Greece gets left in the cold by Northern Europe's politicans.


HousingFinland said...

ok maybe not in the "next week end", but in the weeks to come - for sure.

Erkki, I think you put to much power to the "nothern Europe" politicians. At the end Europe is the story of France, Germany, Italy- the rest have to adapt.