Sunday, 2 October 2011

Full House or Flush, a poker lie?

Are house prices Safe As Houses? from Neil Monnery on Vimeo.

I am wondering what is the current housing price versus income in Suomi Finnland?

When you see that new flats put in the market are at over around 400 000 euro and that income are between 30-40000 euro/year, you wonder how long this house of card will sustain before we see the flip side of the coin. Maybe god is playing with dice, but it seems that down earth, people are playing a poker game...


Andrew said...

Interesting to see the way the French Mayors are saying they want better borrowing terms and the demise of the local authority lender Dexia is bringing that out of the woodwork. And so you get bailouts of Greece to save German and French banks and sooner or later you get bailouts of local authorities.

I never was a believer in the hyperinflationary case but it sure is easy to see how it could happen.

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