Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lance and Neil Armstrong: a Fraud ?

Wiki: In criminal law, a fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual;


Matteo77 said...

The moon landing was not a fraud and this has been demonstrated scientifically.

However, conspiracy theorists - like creationists - tend to believe in what they want to believe and logical thinking is not going to change their mind.

I love your blog, been following it for years, but I am starting to think that you are also one of these conspiracy lovers, you have been writing about this imminent exploding housing bubble here in Finland and 5 years have passed since your first post and still I haven't seen anything happening to this bubble (and I'm glad since I have managed to buy a flat, resell and made good money out of it).

We cannot predict the market, this is also a scientific fact, but still there's people like you looking for bumps and trends in time series, always claiming the imminent apocalypse. By living in pessimism the only ones to suffer are the pessimits themselves.



HousingFinland said...

Dear Matteo,

It was just a question ...playing with words and I liked the wiki definition in relation with lance amstrong.

Am not suggesting than neil is part of that in the post itself... a blog is open to both views - i respect both (yours included).

people are welcome to comment or not (that's a right too).

Regarding the housing market, the only reason the finnish housing market didn't sink is because their monetary system has been outsource to the ECB which itself look at the eurozone as a whole including distressed country such as Spain, Greece etc...

->The result is a very low interest rates, which is an aberration for the current Finnish economy and which explain why price are stagnating since 2008 and not crashing.

So I think nobody really knows how sustainable this is ... look at the latest political circus that started last week regarding the plan B for Finland to exit the euro...

-> last piece of advise any housing market is cyclical by nature (demography, economical cycles etc...),so I would expect it to come drastically down...the question is how long and how fast?

Anonymous said...

Hum, someone say so, "If you are stealing in the street, you are a thief. But, if you are stealing a country, you are the king." What is FED or another private bank actually now?

beijing shots said...

i think that lance, and neil are both frauds. it's nice that people have accepted that lance is a fraud, but how long is it going to take for the people in western capitalist countries to accept that neil was a fraud?

Matteo77 said...

@beijing shots:

it must take you lots of energy to strongly believe in moon conspiracy theories. It's a shame because that energy could be used to help the people around you.

If you wanna check what mr Neil Armstrong left on the moon, just find a laser and aim it at the retroreflector mirror you see in those pictures from the Apollo mission

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