Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Assault and Housing Bust

The number of assaults recorded by police over the period from 1950 through 2007

"Police report number of assaults peaked last year Violent crimes becoming increasingly brutal, while Helsinki sees reductions in police staffing

According to police statistics, a total of nearly 35,000 assaults were recorded last year, which is apparently more than ever before.

The number of recorded assaults has been growing for several years, while an exceptionally large surge took place between 2006 and 2007

Each time you had aggressive credit expansion, a housing boom and an increase of "aggressive" assault is followed. (Wonder why?)

Suprisingly, when the number of assault peak and start to decline, so do the credit expansion. It is, as well, followed by a housing bust as observed in 70's and 90's. Twenty years seem to be the maximum length before a credit downturn starts so here we go 2010 will see the same phenomenon occur. At least you will be able to walk without the fear of being assaulted or at least a lower probability.

Next time I will study the number of "Red lipstick" being sold, usually lower volume shows either that we enter a recession or that the population is ageing...

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